End discrimination with AYUSH sector

Why should Ayurved be subjected to an inferior or second class type treatment from the Government when the avowed policy of the Government is to treat at parity and with equal attention, all branches and ways of treatment of human diseases. Measures taken with half baked and half planned manner never bring about the desired results. The same is true of setting up of Government Ayurved College at Jammu in the year 2017 with intake capacity of 50 students as this college is still not fully operative being run on internal arrangement basis. It is continuing to be in that state even on date despite the third batch of 50 students is about to start within a few days to study the Indian medicinal way of treatment.
Should the Government be very eager to attend to the requirements of the existing Medical Colleges and even about the proposed new five ones in Kathua, Rajouri, Baramulla and Anantnag respectively with preferred zeal when in the newly opening colleges, even the first batch of students has not started. We , otherwise very much appreciate the efforts of the Government in respect of the new medical colleges, but how can the Government whether at Centre or at State be totally indifferent and choosy about the ancient Ayurved thus deflating their own claims about their total support and sustaining of the Ayurved? Urgent and dedicated attention to the issue is needed about which we are keeping a track.