Dynasty rule will be over in Jammu and Kashmir: Shahnawaz

Pic: Shakeel/Excelsior

Srinagar, July 22: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shahnawaz Hussain on Friday said that the people will end dynasty politics by the power of the vote in Jammu and Kashmir.
“When it has been finished in the country, why not in Jammu and Kashmir”, Hussain said during a press conference in Srinagar today.
He said the people will end dynasty politics by the power of vote in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said “that a hole has been created in a big boat how can it be possible for the small ones to float”.
“When dynastic politics of Congress has ended, those who were responsible for pushing other dynastic politics in states will also end”, Hussain said.
Replying to a question regarding if other non BJP parties will form a government in J&K and will relinquish the foreign investment law, he said it is “foolish” what they are saying. “The laws are being implemented in all the states equally.”
“These are all the dreams of Mongeri Lal. Nothing such will happen…the People of Jammu and Kashmir will come to know” he said.
He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought tremendous development in Jammu and Kashmir by way of various schemes. (Agencies)