DSS for proper safety measures during shifting of archives

G. S Charak and other DSS members visiting Mubarak Mandi Complex to see handling of archives.
G. S Charak and other DSS members visiting Mubarak Mandi Complex to see handling of archives.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 29: Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) today called for proper safety of Archives records while expediting the restoration work of the Mubarak Mandi Palace Complex Jammu in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Mubarak Mandi Jammu Heritage Society.
During the visit to the complex along with Sabha members and some other prominent citizens today, DSS President Th Gulchain Singh Charak expressed serious concern over the delays in the restoration work of the complex which occupies the pride of place as a primary heritage of Jammu region, and the handling of the centuries old archives records.
In a statement, Mr Charak said that he was shocked to see the way the record is being dumped on the floor of the rooms which is very dangerous as this precious record can be destroyed or badly damaged the way it is being treated. He also pointed out that adequate space was required to be provided therein so that the brittle record is not damaged due to unscientific stacking.
He emphasized that the conservation work is required to be executed as per the Conservation Plan by expert agencies having experience in executing conservation works under the supervision of ASI/Conservation Architects. The problems faced on ground by the Society’s management, the conservation consultant and the executing agencies of the Society need to be ascertained and placed before the Governing Body by the Executive Body of the Society so that necessary decisions are taken to provide solutions for expediting the work, he stressed.
He also underlined the importance of restoration of the Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex from the point of view of rejuvenation of the old city of Jammu and the positive impact on the overall economic scenario of the city. He requested the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to convene a meeting of the Governing Body of the Society at the earliest to take stock of all relevant issues, to which members of the original Governing Body and prominent citizens of Jammu may also be invited, and to resolve the difficulties being faced in speedy execution of the work.
Mr Charak was accompanied by G A Khawaja, Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, Amanat Ali Shah, Neeraj Anand, Yash Pal Gupta, Madan Rangila, S Balwinder Singh, Chhankar Singh, Jagdeep Singh and Ravi Singh Slathia.