Drinking water mismanagement

No sooner summer heralds, than water problems are faced by the people while not only is the administrative machinery apparently not responding to the needs of the people but there is none to listen to , assure and at least speak about the problem in Jal Shakti Department. It is paradoxical to observe that while in many localities, water is supplied not only on daily basis but even twice in a day , enough and to waste while most of other localities are left to the lurch and get water once or twice in a week.
Why cannot a fair distribution of water supply in all the localities be made a policy and the goal of the Jal Shakti Department so that the residents of the deficient areas are relieved of the difficulties and not forced to come on streets the way a few days back we saw people protesting and even blocking Janipur – High court Road . The residents of the localities were complaining erratic water supply for days together. It is satisfying, however, that a senior official of the Department assuaged the feelings of the protestors and promised to get the issue resolved. However, a campaign by the Department must simultaneously be launched for not wasting water and saving every drop of it as it is limited and derived from natural source only.