Doctors’ interaction with patients


Reiterating that the attending Doctors must have personal interaction with the patients admitted in hospitals , Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stressed upon the need to provide best possible treatment and care to them. We note with satisfaction that his recent visits to hospitals in Jammu to get the first hand and on the spot appraisal of the issues like the infrastructure, treatment and care of the COVID patients was surely going to further invigorate the system and plug the loopholes therein. While he issued certain directions, he enquired about various details central to the management of COVID related matters. Since availability of oxygen support and related issues thereto currently are of much importance following cases of shortages and non availability of oxygen for patients at many parts of the country, the gesture and initiative of the Lt. Governor in personally inspecting the functionality of Oxygen Generation Plants in the hospitals will instil the confidence in the patients undergoing treatment and generate hopes of assured and better treatment. That regular rounds of senior Doctors and HoDs in Corona wards was the need of the hour for obvious reasons, directions were given for ensuring the same and the need for strict compliance of the hospital referral policy and prioritising attending the urgent and sensitive cases, needed to be complied with strictly. With such visits and assessing the situation on the ground and passing necessary instructions, guidelines etc as also according sanction to supplement the critical infrastructure , suffering patients and their near ones can feel much assured and confident .The need is to have more and more COVID dedicated beds with oxygen support looking to the continuous surge in the cases in Jammu and Kashmir and to find out ways in providing better treatment and care of the patients. Such visits periodically can produce better results even under the present trying conditions where otherwise Doctors and para- medical staff was doing their best in treating the COVID patien