Disposal rate of crime cases must improve


Perusing the data released by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) in respect of police disposal of crime cases in Jammu and Kashmir does not project a pictureto be felt satisfied about. Not only in the area of disposal of crime cases , Jammu and Kashmir Police has not only performed expectedly not well last year but in respect of pendency of cases under investigation , the percentage is significantly higher compared with the average national level. In the vital area of investigation , it is observed, as many a time strictures even having been passed by the courts, that not only was there the need to speed up the process but to bringing in more quality and professionalism in it so that the due process of law was met by means of cases reaching the courts well in time for being tried . A crime registered in a police station must not remain confined to the books and up to arresting the culprit only , depending upon the nature of the crime, but speedy investigations undertaken so as to file a challan in the court as early as possible for prosecution purposes. It is here that both competence and the experience based on periodic trainings of the police personnel get projected. Generally, it is observed that not only was the process of investigation generally going on at a snail’s pace but ancillary work related thereto too, meeting the same fate resulting in delayed submission of charge-sheets by which time, the witnesses and evidences undergo lot many changes and variances to obfuscate the entire legal process. We do not mean any complicity of the police, there could be exceptions of course, but the prevalent system needed a revamp through regular review, changes, improvements and target oriented approaches . It is fairly known that charge-sheeting rate was an indicator of the disposal of cases by the Police compared to total percentage cases disposed by it during a given period of appraising Once this area improved vastly by employing scientific means of investigating crime and by injecting sheer professionalism and more dedicated involvement by Jammu and Kashmir Police, both disposal of crime cases and pendency percentage would keep on settling at commanding positions to claim recognition even at the national level. Our Police force, however, second to none in the country, is faced with a situation slightly different from other States /UTs as it is a border UT facing belligerent neighbour and have to tackle issues related to internal security , dealing with menace of terrorism sponsored from across the border going on for nearly four decades and related crimes like smuggling in of arms , narcotics , hawalamoney etc to fund militant activities. This all, probably results in not enough time being devoted to and not the requisite number of trained and professional personnel provided for the process of disposal of the routine crime cases both under the IPC and the SLL segments hence investigations and disposals of cases being not up to the mark. Besides, quantum of workload related to cases registered under IPC being not disposed of on target basis approach and the time factor generally considered enough, within which, investigations ought to be completed . Looking to even specialised agencies of dealing with a particular type of crimes like corruption – The Anti Corruption Bureau , proportionate number of trained and professional persons and other critical infrastructure is not provided or is inadequate casting its shadows and having direct bearing on disposal of cases which has been highlighted by us from time to time. The aim of the Police must be an ultimate conviction of the accused as a culmination of registering a crime of cognizable nature and to complete the process of the law. For that, a paradigm shift needs to be brought in so as to energize the entire system. Our Police force is quite talented and known for its dedication even to the extent of offering supreme sacrifices in the course of duty to the nation hence focus on more training, professional autonomy, no political interference, introduction of targets oriented approach and similar measures would bring about perceptible changes on both the fronts of policing – disposal of crimes and percentage of pendency of crime cases – in Jammu and Kashmir.