Taking stock of COVID situation


Despite the fact and as predicted perhaps erroneously that the third wave of the pandemic was sure to strike during the period of mid-August and September, thank heavens having proved otherwise , the need to keep the overall situation well under constant monitoring is what the Central Government has asked the States and the UTs to ensure. That we should provide no room to complacency to set in , it was moment to analyze the entire scenario, keep the health care infrastructure in readiness and in proper working condition , stock medicines and augment human resources and remain alert. The lessons taught to us by the mistakes during second wave which caught us unawares resulting in the infections spreading with mismatch of available health infrastructure, must not be forgotten. Let us not feel any complacency in the air but again at the same time get battle ready to face (God forbid) any danger of “imminent” third wave. Of late, number of positive cases has slightly shown unfavourable trends of rising up though not to cause any alarm. Measures like only fully vaccinated people to be allowed entry in courts in Jammu and Kashmir were going to be paying rich dividends . Such a COVID appropriate behaviour (CAB) needs to be spread more than restricted to fewer select places like courts. Moreover, record number of vaccination doses administered so far in the country would go a long way in combating the threat hence those who still have not got the jab, must do it immediately.