Digital platform to check unwanted calls, SMS

Telecom regulator TRAI has instructed service providers to create a unified digital platform within two months to manage customers’ consent for promotional calls and messages. Initially, subscribers will be able to register their consent to receive promotional communications, while later, businesses will be able to seek consent from customers. TRAI’s directive aims to establish a standardised system for consent across all service providers and principal entities. Currently, there is no unified platform to verify customer consent for promotional messages. The development and implementation of the Digital Consent Acquisition facility will allow customers to grant, maintain, and revoke consent digitally.
The issue of pesky calls refers to the problem of unsolicited and intrusive phone calls, often involving telemarketing or spamming. These calls are a nuisance and cause inconvenience to individuals, disrupting their privacy and daily activities. One common approach is the establishment of “Do Not Call” registries or “opt-out” lists, which allow individuals to register their preference to not receive promotional calls. But no one adheres to this do not call option by the customer. Practically, laws are not being enforced to raise the penalty for violations. The result is that pesky calls and SMS are now part and parcel of our lives.
TRAI has encouraged service providers to offer call filtering and blocking services to their customers in the past. But most of the time, it is the customer helping themselves by somehow creating a block list. With so much digital penetration in India, now is the time to think outside the box to safeguard users.
The option to register their unwillingness to receive any consent-seeking messages will be with the customer, and service providers will be required to respect these preferences. While it may take time to fully implement and enforce these measures, they are steps in the right direction towards addressing the issue of pesky calls and SMS. Regulatory bodies, service providers, and consumers must work together to create an environment that respects privacy and minimises unwanted communications.