Dialysis units in Rajouri and Poonch

Mismanagement is the offshoot of incompetence and when the same is having its sway even in institutions like hospitals, it results into sufferings and hardships to those who visit such places for getting treatment and when the matter is concerning treatment of dialysis , it is all the more distressing. Patients suffering from renal failures and needing treatment of dialysis at regular intervals in Rajouri and Poonch hospitals have been undergoing hardships as the dialysis units at both the centres are inoperative and defunct. There is no stand by arrangement.
It is astonishing as it is intriguing as well that dialysis units should go out of functional mode in both the hospitals one after the other and the patients should be left to fend for themselves which has resulted in these critically troubled patients to go to Jammu hospitals for the periodic treatment at their cost and time besides facing all types of botheration. At both the places there are ‘regular’ 22 and 14 kidney patients respectively . That the units are out of use due to having developed some problems are allowed to remain uncared and no arrangements for their repairs for days together have been made hence the decision of even the concerned unit rooms to be locked has perhaps, in the wisdom of the hospital authorities, been considered appropriate. It is highly inappropriate and unacceptable.
We are told that the administration has approached a technician at Srinagar and further that “they have not sent him as yet” . Can such an approach be at all tolerated that also when health related issue was there? Is there no technician available in entire Jammu or in adjoining States who could reach within a few hours and fix the ailing machines? Have any such attempts and efforts been made by the Hospital administration? Who is responsible for such inapt and uncalled for response to an otherwise ordinary looking problem but with greater ramifications as the very lives of the patients were involved. Can all the 4 machines installed at Poonch District Hospital go inoperative in one go and no standby arrangement being there to look after the patients.? This has, among other things resulted in extra pressure being put on Super Speciality Hospital at Jammu.
The state of affairs of our Hospitals especially at District levels in Jammu region continue to be pathetic as the managements of these hospitals are usually found wanting in looking after the areas of weaknesses , bottlenecks and deficiencies and in resolving those suitably. This was found out by the Deputy Commissioner Rajouri during a surprise inspection in the way which we used to hear in good old days when in order to get a sense or a feel of a particular situation, the recourse to disguising was put to use. During the three hour long inspection of the hospital, all sorts of deficiencies in the hospital started tumbling out one after the other. The attitude of recklessness and indifference towards the care of patients was found in sufficient magnitude. However, the result of the inspection was suspending the services of three personnel as even the sensitive departments like the Gynaecology and Special Neonatal Care Unit was “managed” by supporting staff as no doctors were found on duty. The same was the case in respect of the ECG section , CT Scan section and other units. About wash rooms and other levels of cleanliness and hygiene , a gloomy picture emerged in the Hospital as a result of on the spot inspection . We urge the authorities to immediately get the Dialysis machines repaired and tone up the competence of managing things in the Hospitals under reference.