Devising strategy to streamline traffic in Srinagar: SP Traffic

SP Traffic Srinagar, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah. — Excelsior/Shakeel
SP Traffic Srinagar, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah. — Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Jan 13: The Superintendent of Traffic, Srinagar, Muzaffar Ahmad Shah today said that the traffic department was devising a comprehensive plan to streamline the traffic in Srinagar city.
He said that the plan includes identifying the bottle-necks and ensuring necessary interventions aimed at facilitating the smooth movement of vehicles across the city.
While talking to Excelsior, he said that their primary aim is to make people aware of the appropriate traffic behaviour and penalize the violators, while he advised people to use parking spots in the city.
“We have initiated an awareness program to sensitize people about appropriate traffic conduct, such as using parking spaces in Srinagar, which would be followed by penalizing offenders. Parking is provided throughout the city, but it is underutilized, “he said.
He said that the department’s objective is to improve public transportation in the city and that they have placed their personnel in various locations to ensure that transportation remains available to commuters, especially during the late hours.
“People complain about public transportation going off the road after dusk, and we have taken the issue seriously. We have talked to recognized associations and dispatched personnel to various areas throughout the city to ensure that public transportation is available so that commuters do not have any problems, “he said.
He said that all traffic lights in the city will also be made operational and that temporary traffic diversion routes will be blocked to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.
“Traffic diversion was critical for the smooth operation of traffic in Srinagar. However, the traffic light will be operational in the coming days, allowing traffic to be streamlined and unlawful traffic diversions to be closed. It’s just a matter of time,” he stated.
Regarding overloading in public transport, the SP said that they have launched an awareness and punishment campaign in the last few days.
“We have focused for the last few days on the issue and wherever we detect overloading, we have launched penalized the violators; there will be an improvement in the next few days, “he said.