Departmental Promotion Committee meetings


The fact that Departmental Promotion Committees are neither regularly and properly functioning in most of the departments in Jammu and Kashmir or their working is not up to the mark, the result being promotions in time and in tune with requirements not taking place. The process of selection for promotion or transfer to posts of eligible employees in departments and offices has many a time, been found lacking in taking care of the main and governing factors connected thereto. That in turn makes the recruiting and promotion agencies handicapped in speedily deciding upon such promotions. Since, again, most of the departments and offices in Jammu and Kashmir are reeling under staff shortage especially at decision making levels , ad-hoc measures are resorted to. That scenario results in frustration and lack of job satisfaction among the deserving employees for such promotions otherwise not facing any disciplinary or service rules conduct related departmental proceedings which could debar them for being considered for promotion. It may be noted the promotion in a department means ”lifting” an employee from a lower grade to a post in the next higher grade, from non gazetted to gazetted and within gazetted cadres. Is it being done something like intentionally? Are such ad-hoc measures, now as a matter of routine, encouraged to usual and normal promotions and postings? Are conditions of not taking critical decisions due to non posting of the requisite officer either through promotion or transfer albeit Departmental Promotion Committees , benefitting those few reaping benefits from ad-hoc-ism by functioning as in- charge but shirking taking decisions and responsibilities under the alibi of temporary adjustments? As against there being standard formats and guidelines numbered serially, stitched by Public Service Commission vide and according to which proposals are to be submitted, why deviations do take place? Had such instances been a few , perhaps , the same could be thought of a part of the process under normal circumstances. However, the Chief Secretary taking cognizance of the practice having directed to take corrective measures needs action beyond that. In other words, if Departments where promotions /transfers/ posts creation etc do not submit adequate information and particulars in respect of an eligible employee, the whole exercise right from the start gets aborted. Perhaps, in the same fashion onward submission makes things more messy. To obliterate the unwarranted scenario, it is not only important that meetings of Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) take place in time but while sharing the information onwards, the duly devised check list should be meticulously followed in all aspects. Otherwise also, there are standing instructions in that respect as the issue being related to the promotion of Government employees which when followed in letter and spirit, become the basis of such promotions . The very basis of constituting DPCs is to judge on certain parameters the suitability of officers. Why should more time than the limit of 90 days fixed by the Pubic Service Commission (PSC) be taken by the concerned departments in completing formalities and mandatory clearances both to the annoyance of the eligible employees and to the inconvenience or delay causing process visa-vis the PSC ? If proposals submitted incomplete to the PSC due to whatever reasons by the departments concerned are not resubmitted within a shortest possible time , that not only means willy- nilly denying the opportunities of promotion to the particular employee but not taking the matter of promotions per-se seriously. It is incumbent upon the Departmental Heads to ensure obtaining of NOCs and other clearance certificates from CVC and ACB or whatever agency concerned so that the same was appended with the proposals of the concerned employees. In fact, in handling personnel matters in a foolproof manner and as per tenets of personnel management, the Government should consider an idea of posting a trained and professional Personnel Officer in each department depending upon its strength of employees who would be exclusively dealing with personnel matters and coordinating with the DPCs and the PSC under the control of the respective Departmental Head. Usually, all such discrepancies, shortcomings and submission of half baked information are all as a result of handling sensitive personnel matters by non- professional employees. Promotions being the career progression exercise and relating to human resources working in Government departments need a concerted, prompt and timely handling. DPCs, therefore, have a tremendous role to play