Verification of NGOs


That unethical, immoral and inhuman means are adopted even by trafficking in COVID orphaned children by some NGOs just to earn a few but quick bucks is reprehensible deserving severest punishment and even social ostracism of those involved in such a racket under the cover of NGOs. Mushrooming of NGOs is another route adopted by certain dishonest and unscrupulous people to camouflage nefarious and illegal activities. That the ”business” of adoption and sale of the innocent young victims of the pandemic as reported from Pampore town of Srinagar has been going on, is greatly shocking . How many more NGOs are there ”engaged” in different types of activities (read trade) and whether they are registered , subjected to periodic scrutiny , permissions and licences duly sanctioned, their annual financial statements subjected to inspections and verifications including the source must all be undertaken at an early date. Those public servants found involved in conniving with and affording cover to such NGOs too must be found out and punished. We, therefore, commend the decision of the UT Chief Secretary in having directed the concerned authorities for conducting due verification of 6000 NGOs within a month. We trust, the process shall be taken to the logical end that of finding out how many were engaged in illegal and inhuman activities like human trafficking, sex exploitation, child abuse and the like. Apprehensions that a strict verification and inspection by members drawn from various agencies of the Government would surely find more and more ”skeletons” tumbli