Dengue stretches its claws

In Jammu, just at the culmination of rains, dreaded Dengue is reported to have made its presence in a menacing form as till the writing of these lines, as many as more than 52 victims have proven positive of the mosquito borne virus. However, no fatalities are reported from any part of the state so far and that should, however, not prove to play a complacent role but all preparations at all levels must be ensured with all seriousness they deserved. Break bone fever is the other name normally the usual Dengue fever is known about depicting the severity of the body pain along with fever and though not reported to be contagious, this can prove problematic and even fatal.
The best remedy, in the common man’s parlance is the preventive measures to pre-empt the bite of the infected female mosquito and to get insulated from its rigours. Applying mosquito repellent creams on the exposed parts of the body, fumigating of the areas where water is accumulated in pits or in other forms, improving sanitation and hygienic conditions and rushing to hospitals as early as possible on noticing any one or more symptoms of dengue fever by a person are major preventive measures.
While there was no need for any panic, at the same time rural and semi urban areas must devote more attention towards cleanliness measures and mainly preventing water logging, especially clean stagnant water is the ideal place where these mosquitoes breed. Jammu Municipal Corportation, the Health Department and Education Department are all needed to spread awareness about the dreaded Dengue and how simple it was to fight the tiny but dangerous Dengue mosquito.