Ramban Trauma Centre in lesion

We could put it the other way that Trauma Care Centre at Ramban is itself in trauma due to the absolute recklessness of the concerned Government authorities. It proved useless and absolutely nothing beyond a constructed structure when it was needed urgently and rather in grave emergency in respect of the heart rending road accident near Kalemor in Ramban on Oct 6 which claimed twenty two precious lives besides causing grievous injuries to many. This Trauma Centre was created basically to look after the victims of road accidents on Jammu Srinagar National Highway and in particular, victims of recurring road accidents in Ramban area.
That the Hospital could not attend to and treat even a single accident trauma victim has put to test the utility and the purpose of setting up of the Trauma Care Centre leading pointedly to believe that the entire expenditure on construction of its building and on purchase of the equipment has gone down the drain. Had it been operational, many victims of this accident could have been saved from succumbing to their injuries and others with grievous injuries would have not been needed to be airlifted. It is reported that the required man power not having been cared to be posted here by all successive Governments have proven detrimental to the interests of the unfortunately deserving ones to get treatment from here. It is wanton and criminal bizarre act of “Chalta Hai” syndrome getting more oxygen day by day as negligence and omission with commission are very rarely punished. Indirectly, such approach of successive Governments consistently has accentuated the horrors of Saturday’s accident. At the outset, we with all seriousness, ask for fixing responsibility for making this Centre prove a sham and a ruse in dire need.
Could the authorities from the Health Department never afford to visit the Centre to assess the levels of preparedness to deal with emergencies like the one, which most unfortunately struck Ramban on Saturday last where an overloaded vehicle skidded off the road falling in a deep gorge leaving a trail of death and injuries? Could the ones in charge of the Trauma Centre at Ramban impress upon the authorities time and again to provide them with the minimum required inputs and technical and professional support to deal with situations which are the exclusive domain of Trauma Care Centre? Could an impartial enquiry bring about who and where and in what measure shirked one’s responsibility in an area considered to be highly critical ? These questions will not only simply haunt the stinking system of the State administration but the indignation and the outcry of the tax payers’ money squandered in the name of setting up of Trauma Centre, shall be pacified and cooled down only when it is seen that the recklessness has been identified and dealt with sternly.
How could the authorities in the Health Department afford to disregard the instructions of the former Governor N N Vohra who in the year 2015 had fixed a deadline to put all Trauma Care Centres in the State in operational mode, including the one at Ramban, after he expressed his displeasure about the levels of their operational efficiencies and had taken to task the Health authorities for the same. Saturday’s tragic incident exposed the condition of these centres. With a lot of hype and puffery by the Health Department an amount of over Rs.1.84 crore was spent on building a structure in Ramban which was followed by installation of the requisite equipment . Being level 2 Traumatic Centre, it was supposed to provide round the clock services to the needy patients. Can it be believed that so far no posts for Doctors and para medical staff have been sanctioned for this (name sake) Trauma Centre ? Even in District Hospital Ramban, the staff strength is far below the required one . We wonder as to where are those “new” Doctors going who are rolled out from the Medical Colleges of Jammu and Kashmir every year as almost in every state hospital, Doctors’ strength is abysmally short. We would need action against gross carelessness of the past coupled with how to improve the situation in the very near future.