Demonic food adulteration

The colossal damage to human health caused by rampant adulteration in important day to day items of consumption needs to be honestly assessed by the State Administration if it can manage some time to be devoted towards this problem having assumed alarming proportions. Milk, curds, cheese , ghee, spices, manufactured food items, pulses and vegetables , even fruits are all in one way or the other reaching the household all adulterated in one way or the other. Even medicines were not free from this malady of adulteration or being of sub-standard levels. Those in charge of “curbing ” the menace and “penalising ” the offenders are very often alleged to believe in ‘fixing matches’ . Yes, they are turning their eyes to the other side thus violating the purpose , aim and the need of employing them in the specific Government job.
The Division Bench of the State High Court while hearing a Public Interest Litigation against food adulteration, has very rightly taken strict note of the fact that those authorities who were entrusted with the job of curbing food adulteration were not conducting any checking and arranging raids of such manufacturing units which were busy in manufacturing sub-standard food items. Shall the State Government take effective measures as directed by the High Court , in taking steps to curb and prevent adulterated food and food items in the market as the Court has observed that random checks or raids with regard to manufacturing and sale of adulterated food items have not been conducted ? Besides , adulteration, unhygienic and non tidy ways of bread baking or preparing food items, unclean environs of food shops etc too need to be regulated and action taken against the violators of the requisite laws governing manufacture and sale of food items.


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