Political prodigies

We, the people of India, have been witnessing the rise of political prodigies and their role in the national building as leaders of the youth wing of the concerned political parties and finally rising to national status based on their merit. The recent incidents involving Akash Vijaivargiya and Nitesh Rane sons of siting Minister of present Central dispensation and former minister of Maharashtra Government respectively shows their high headedness and respect for law of land. Both of them displayed an act unbecoming on the part of a legislator and it compels us to introspect as to what went wrong in electing them as members of legislative assemblies. Is it system deficiency, or a wrong representation by the voters? It may also be a result of political fog created by politicians to mislead voters for their own benefit. However, both of them belong to main stream national parties and are supposed to follow the party discipline besides the law of land. We do not go into the details of their acts but would certainly hold their senior party leaders responsible for their cadre behavior and feel dejected to bear such condemnable public display with an aim to gain cheap media popularity. However, the senior party leaders of the concerned parties have to enforce party discipline and mere issue of show cause notice post verbal reprimand by Prime Minister of India will hardly meet the end of justice.
In both the cases, responsible people of the public delivery system have been ill-treated publically without any care for the law of land. We are sure that any such act on the part of any Government employee would have resulted in spontaneous suspension with an inquiry to further investigate the matter for final disposal of the case. It would be in order to deal defaulting legislators more seriously to present an example for the general masses. Hence, the parties concerned should have suspended them first and issued show cause notices to further investigate the matter for final disposal as per party cadre discipline besides the course of law of land. Political leaders are expected to be more law abiding as their profession demands self-less service and do not allow them to create a shadow of fear in the minds of public servants. No one is above law and any public service violating the law of land by any of us does not provide immunity for our actions. These incidents are not ignorable and demand serious action against defaulters to prove beyond doubt that BJP and Congress parties believe in strict cadre discipline and any such act shall not be tolerated.
WgCdr (Retd) Mahesh Chander Sudan
Sainik Colony, Jammu