Defining and delineating powers

To avoid misunderstanding and messing up of things between Government officersand Panchayati Raj institutions in their respective roles and to avoid confusion or any ambiguity,the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has set into motion an exercise to frame a proper manual. PanchayatiRaj Institutions got entire structure revamped at par with other parts of the country last year by an amendment to the concerned Act so as to streamline the process of funds, functions and functionaries in order to function in a better way.
State Administrative Council headed by the Governor of the erstwhile State kept on devolving department wise powers to the Panchayats for ensuring proper and adequate empowerment and most of the departments were covered. However, with intent to make these grass root democratic institutions perform and function better without there arising chances of any interface between various Government functionaries, fresh initiatives have been taken in the shape of defining and identifying functions and powers between district authorities, Block Development Officers and other officers likely to have dealings with the Panchayati functionaries. This move is commendable as there would be left no scope to deviate from the designated role of all stake holders as they shall be guided by and will be referring to the manual while performing their respective roles.
All assets and inventory records, updating and maintaining them including natural assets in respective areas is an innovative provision in the fresh directives issued to the Panchayats as also a record and display of the projects under different schemes including the executing agency shall go a long way towards strengthening transparency as well as accountability.