CVC shortens time period for reconsideration of its advice on punishing corrupt Govt officials

NEW DELHI: The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has halved to one month the time for reconsideration of its advice against government officials accused of corruption in cases where the department concerned wants to have lenient or stricter view on the quantum of punishment recommended by it, according to an official order.

The move comes after it was noticed that such proposals were not received in the stipulated time period of two months, thus causing delay in processing of vigilance cases.

The CVC is consulted by the government departments at two stages in vigilance cases — advice is first obtained on investigation reports and second before a final decision is taken at conclusion of proceedings against corrupt employees.

Citing its earlier guidelines, the commission said government departments are required to approach the CVC for advice wherein a lenient or stricter view than that advised by it is proposed to be taken in the vigilance cases.

Further, it was also prescribed that such reconsideration proposals should be sent within two months from the date of receipt of the commission’s advice, said the order issued on Thursday.

Considering the need for expeditious finalization of vigilance cases and to adhere to the timelines for its finalisations, the commission on review of the existing timelines, has decided that any proposal for reconsideration of its first stage advice should be made to it within one month of receipt of the first stage advice, it said.

The Commission should be approached for such reconsideration proposals “only in those exceptional individual cases having additional/new material facts”, the CVC said.

“The commission would henceforth not entertain any reconsideration proposal/request of first stage advice received beyond the revised timeline of one month,” said the order issued to secretaries of all central government departments, chiefs of all public sector banks and enterprises among others.

The revised timeline of one month would help in expeditious processing of corruption cases, a senior CVC official said. (AGENCIES)