Crime against women

If any major indicator about a refined and orderly society is there, it is the levels of how much safe and secure its women folk felt as also in respect of their rights and to equality of gender with no discrimination. It is a travesty that on the one hand this country boasts of, and rightly so, about the traditional respect for and high place of women in the society enjoying all types of freedom, on the other hand there being a constant spurt in crimes against them and only those which are reported as against perhaps more not reported, is really disgusting as also shocking. If the relevant figures are to be believed in this regard, during the first eight months of the current year, a rise of 46 per cent in crimes against them speaks volumes about the perverted criminal mindset responsible for such crimes.
We are, more as a habit than a realisation of basic cause, always blaming the police – “Where was the Police” for such crimes instead of why at all such crimes should take place which include domestic violence including women battering, dowry related harassment and mental tortures, amorous harassment at working places , abductions, rape and even murders. Despite the claims of the UP Government on the contrary, the most populous state of India, half of the crimes are reported there-from if the data provided by the National Commission for Women (NCW) are to be believed. Despite laws having been made increasingly stringent ranging from the provision of a life term to even death, particularly with reference to amendments to laws – IPC 375, 376, 509 etc, it is the afflicted mindset sans ”sanaskars” that works to commit such crimes against women . Both the society and the Government apparatus must fulfil respective obligations to put an end to crimes against the women. Convictions should not only be more but speedily delivered too as a deterrent.