“Creativity is ‘life blood’ of art work”

O P Sharma
Among many works with his brush with the latest one a spectacular attractive piece with five evils-Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar, this painting work of Mohan Lal Goswami is displayed at Kala Kendra, Jammu. This painting depicts the above mentioned five evils in a very creative manner.
Goswami was the much talked about artist in the City of Temples when his master-piece painting of Bhagwan Shri Krishana was exhibited in every corner of the City of Temples by Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha on the eve of Krishan Janamashtami some years back. The simple and soft- spoken artist, Goswami mostly prefers to speak in Dogri to elaborate the hidden secrets in his art work.
Originally hailing from the holy town of Purmandal in Jammu region, Goswami came to Jammu city during 1968 for an ITI Diploma in Art and Painter course; after which this city of Jammu adopted him.
Passion for Artwork
Later, he joined Institute of Fine Arts and Cultural Academy Jammu in the year 1970 to further sharpen his latent talent.
Most of his art works comprise of eye catchy landscapes, portraits of dignitaries including one of Dogra ruler Maharaja Pratap Singh and some miniature paintings, among others main focus on themes/places in Jammu region.
When asked about his mentor, Goswami revealed that he learnt much of the art from renowned artist of yesteryears, Sansar Chand Baru who drew almost every idea on paper using his brush.
This artist still fondly remembers the three months long government sponsored workshop on Hindu Heritage held somewhere in 80’s in the premises of then B.Ed College of Jammu. The workshop had helped him to display his art work before the artists from across the country and this proved to be very beneficial to him to further sharpen his art as he became familiar with the ideologies of different artists and as how to display the art, he added
Refinement Process
Goswami said that he can’t remember number of paintings he has done so far in his life but recalled that from the time he was in class 3, he developed interest in painting art and his father also inspired him.. Even his initial paintings used to get appreciation from the school authorities, school- mates and also others. Gradually the passion for painting developed, he pointed out.
Expressing concern over decaying of the art work by the vagaries of time and weather and encouragement to budding art youth , Goswami pleaded that the Academy of Art, Culture and Languages should redouble its efforts in this field by felicitating and assisting all artists and creative works. They must be well acquainted with all the modern new trends and techniques as also the classic art works at the national as also globally to inspire our creative workers. Set a new trend and start right now.
Rising Aspirations
Mohan Lal Goswami was born at village Purmandal on March 10, 1945 to Babu Ram and Smt Lajwanti. His father was an artist of Duggar Desh who did some work on Basholi, Kangra, Punjab schools of painting. In initial stages, he got inspiration for painting from his uncle, Manohar Lal who was also a well known artist of his times.
Goswami joined teaching profession in the year 1965 and during his service he did MA (English) in 1978 and later B.Ed from the University of Jammu. He served in government educational institutions and subsequently retired as a Lecturer from the Govt Girls Hr Sec School, Mubarak Mandi, Jammu in 2003. After that he is continuing with innovative art works.
“Though I was working in educational institutions yet I continued to pursue my passion for painting works. Amazingly, some of my paintings done during that period are fabulous and I feel proud of my creative art work,” he spoke with rare glare in his eyes.
He still desires to continue in the art field with some innovation and says that his best work is yet to come and it will speak of itself and will be a masterpiece.
He says that whenever he touches colours and brushes he gets into some heavenly world and says that he is working on some painting which appears a living one with movements and interactive postures.
He explained all this by simply saying that static, dull and dead like paintings never attracted him as he likes some action paintings which may be capable to induce movement in the eyes of the viewers.
Goswami explained that he mostly uses poster, acrylic, water, oil, pestal colours in his art works and obtain superb output.
He said that new art is more creative and is a good thing as creativity is the life blood of an artist.
In his message to budding young artists he opined that everyone should have some distinct and superb skill in painting, singing, writing or other creative field to keep oneself productively alive and active.
(Starline Syndicate Service)