COVID waste management guidelines

Most of the health institutions and quarantine centres are surprisingly found to be taking liberties with proper hazard free management of COVID waste in Jammu and Kashmir. The virus being precariously active and fast in spreading, the parallels of which perhaps have not been known, must always remain in mind of those who manage such centres and institutions. There are proper guidelines and procedures devised about the disposal of such dangerous waste which should have very strictly been ollowed.
The immediate vulnerable section is the personnel dealing with such waste who should be properly trained and insulated in such a way that not only was the waste disposed of properly but no harm was encountered by them while handling the stuff. Bio- Medical Waste Management Rules 2016 are very well clear about the manner and procedures adopted for such disposal which , as a natural corollary, must be adhered to by all health institutions and centres dealing in such a way which generates such waste. Pollution Control Board and its team must conduct surprise inspections to ensure proper guidelines being followed and in default must take action against violations.