COVID 3rd wave and court hearings


Fighting COVID now at intermittent periods has become almost a standing imperative as the virus keeps on changing its form and characteristics unfortunately to be more ”ruthless” in the new variant than the earlier one coupled with our loosing of guard and complacency setting in about Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB), we are presently experiencing a third wave of the virus. Restrictions are, therefore, necessary to be imposed and safe alternatives preferred but usual work cannot be allowed to get suffered. In this spirit, use of virtual mode is the best solution where contacts normally cannot be avoided. Courts are such places where litigants, advocates, judicial officers and other staff converge hence vulnerability to infections is feared especially looking to consistent surge in infected cases in Jammu and Kashmir. In this connection, the directions from the Chief Justice for hearing court cases by the High Court and Subordinate Courts through virtual mode is a major step in respect of avoiding physical presence and chances of spreading of any infections in courts. Hence, normal court work expectedly will not suffer. Exemptions, however, are only for such personal appearance where the Bench feels satisfied looking to the urgency of a particular case. Filing of cases too is required to be done through electronic filing and e-filing portal.