Corrupt free Government our aim, NDA winning majority no doubt: Nirmala

BENGALURU, Apr 14: Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman said said on Sunday that Modi Government is working round the hour for the needs of common people and carry its fight against corruption, and it is for the country to decided to vote Narendra Modi back to power as the next Prime Minister.
Speaking at a roadshow in support of Bangaluru South BJP Candidate Tejaswi Surya, she said after going from house to house campaign, the voters had agreed that Modi rule should continue and any alternative arrangement should be defeated.
”We are going to every house in Bengaluru to ensure that Modi will be our leader in the Government for the next five five years. There is such good good response from across the country that this will be the final decision, post the 2019 Lok Sabha election,” she said.
Nirmala said the country needed a government that was accountable and free of corruption, this was the reason the people were responding whole heartedly for a Modi to continue.
She said, she would campaign for other candidates in Karnataka besides the three candidates in in Bengaluru. ”I will go next, to campaign for Raghavendra in Shivamogga and later to support Anantkumar Hegde in Karwar in Uttara Kannada”.
”The Modi wave is on in the country and we will bring out the best result for the BJP in Karnataka,” she said.
Sitaraman said that Karnataka had a remote controlled State government from Delhi and it had become immobile.
”If there is a stronger chief minister than Mr Kumaraswamy taking commands from Delhi, it would be better for people of Karnataka”.
Modi never agree for such a set up, she said.
The union minister said earlier the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was governed under similar remote control. Should the chief minister of a State be be controlled from Delhi, she asked. (UNI)