Continuous snapping of internet services triggers protest

Artists and others during a protest demonstration at Jammu on Monday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Artists and others during a protest demonstration at Jammu on Monday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 9: A large number of students, actors, singers, dancers, youtubers, bloggers, makeup artists, entrepreneur, social media influences and others here today staged a protest demonstration and express resentment against the continuous snapping of internet services in J&K.
The protest was led by Actor Sanyam Pandoh who said that it has been more than hundred days that the people of J&K are without internet.

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“Every section of the society, especially the students and the artists, are suffering due to non-restoration of internet services,” he said adding that art of every artist is dying due to non-availability of internet.
“Actors, singers, dancers etc who used to send their auditions regarding their projects like reality shows, movies etc to Mumbai through internet are not able to do so at present due to absence of internet services,” he maintained.
He also said that not only artists but young entrepreneurs who have started private business and invested money are in total loss because the internet is the basic requirement in establishing business and promotion of business to reach public and their customers.
Sanyam requested the authorities concerned to restore internet services as soon as possible so that sufferings of many people may come to an end.
Sachin Singh, Shazi Khan, Parul Data, Jasleen Kour, Parl Jasrotia, Mehak Wadera, Ashish Bhat, Rishab Manhas, Sahil Singh Rajput, Kriya Bhogal, Roshan, Angurana Billa, Shakti Kumar, Muskan Sharma, Mukesh Sharma, Shubam Angral, Shubankar Sharma, Kamal Mehram, Sahil Sharma, Sachin Soi, Abhishek Khajuria, Amit Sharma, Vivek, Arun Kumar, Love Sharma and many others were also present in the protest demonstration.