Contactless Railways tickets

Moving ahead with the changing times and ensuring more convenience to the travelling public, Indian Railways is introducing contactless ticketing for undertaking journeys including platform tickets just like being done at airports. These ticketswill come under QR code. Booking tickets on line shall undergo certain changes shortly with the introduction of a revamped IRCTC website. It is worth noting that with the launch of this website , searching and suggesting alternate trains will be there due to employment of an inbuilt “artificial intelligence”(AI).
Taking a cue from the airlines ticketing system, a move to issue tickets in a single booking for connecting trains shall result in no problems in boarding connecting trains to reach a destination. This type of improvement in the technological convenience shall result in moving the artificial intelligence to assess demand for certain stations and destinations and timing of connecting trains shall be changed accordingly. Surely, this is passenger friendly step proposed to be taken by the Railway management. However this facility definitely will not be there for unreserved and suburban train tickets. For QR codes , possessing smart phones is necessary.