Congress has outsourced election campaign to NC, PDP: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh conducting Panchayat-level campaign in Ramnagar Assembly segment, on Monday.
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh conducting Panchayat-level campaign in Ramnagar Assembly segment, on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent
RAMNAGAR, Mar 25: Union Minister and BJP Lok Sabha candidate for Udhampur-Kathua-Doda Parliamentary constituency Dr Jitendra Singh today said that Congress Party has outsourced its election campaign to National Conference (NC) and PDP.
Addressing a series of Panchayat-level local public meetings in the Ramnagar Assembly segment today, Dr Jitendra Singh said that Congress Party is facing a clear crisis of not only lack of public support but also lack of workers and cadre, which has forced it to outsource its election campaign to National Conference and PDP workers who follow a soft approach towards separatists, terrorists and Pakistan.
It is for Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leadership to explain, said Dr Jitendra Singh, whether they endorse the secessionist agendas like “self-rule”, “pre-1952 status”, “autonomy”, etc. being perpetuated by parties like PDP and NC. It is also for the Congress leadership to explain whether, after contesting the election in alliance with such parties, they will go back and negate the Shimla Accord signed by Indira Gandhi and instead follow the National Conference and PDP doctrine of tripartite talks on Kashmir, he said.
As for Jammu, Dr Jitendra Singh alleged that the Congress Party has exposed its hypocrisy because on the one hand, its local leaders talk about alleged discrimination against Jammu by Kashmir-centric parties, and at the same time, on the other hand,forge an alliance with the same Parties which impose the Kashmir-centric and Kashmir-dominant agenda on Jammu region.
Referring to the revolutionary development witnessed in Udhampur-Kathua-Doda Lok Sabha constituency during the last five years, Dr Jitendra Singh threw an open challenge to anyone who could prove with evidence that in any other five year Parliamentary term in the past, there were as many national-level and first-ever projects brought up in the constituency as during the period between 2014 and 2019. For those who refuse to accept this, he offered to arrange a conducted tour so that they could start from Lakhanpur, the entry point of the constituency and the State, and could take a selfie picture with each of the monuments of development which they would find after every two kilometers. From Keediyan-Gadiyal Bridge to Medical College to Engineering College, to Seed Processing Plant, to Industrial Bio-tech Park, to Highway Village, to Udhampur Radio Station, to Devika Project, to National Institute of High Altitude Medicinal Plants at Bhaderwah, to Pakkal-Dhul Project at Kishtwar, etc., all these projects have been initiated only after 26th May 2014, he said.
As for Ramnagar, Dr Jitendra Singh made a special mention of the Shahpur-Kandi project which has been revived after being left in cold storage for 40 years by successive governments of Congress and its allies, and is now going to be completed within next two years. Once the project becomes functional, he claimed that, besides district Kathua, large areas falling in the Ramnagar Assembly segments will also get self-reliant as far as irrigation and power generation is concerned. He also referred to the recently inaugurated bridge on Udhampur-Ramnagar road which was funded by the Centre, as well as the Centrally funded Sports Stadium in Ramnagar town which is already complete.
MLA Ramnagar R.S. Pathania and prominent BJP leaders including Rajendra Sharma, Advocate Amit Sharma , Akhil Parashar and others accompanied Dr Jitendra Singh during the series of meetings throughout the day.