Clear stand on DPs of 1947

Reference Daily Excelsior dated 23 Mar 2019 wherein Jammu and Kashmir Sharnarthi Action Committee decided to approach both national parties contesting upcoming Lok Sabha election to clear stand with regard to one time settlement of claims and demands of the displaced persons from PoK during bloody days of 1947.
It was a great relief when soon after coming to power, Mr Modi’s Govt sanctioned Rs 2000 crore for immediate disbursement as an interim relief till the issue is finally settled. As many Governments came and dissolved during all these years since 1947 but the problems of the people remained unsolved till date. Now, since again a now Govt is going to be formed after elections, the displaced community expects and demands an assurance from those parties to clear stand on the issue by including it in their manifesto so that soon after formation of the new Govt, the case is settled on priority basis. It is a historical reality that the DPs were not only displaced but totally uprooted, and how did they pass all these years since 1947, is tearfully inexplainable story. Keeping their case linguring any more would mean absolute lack of human sympathy for them.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)