Clandestine recruitment in SIDCO, SICOP

The Minister in charge of Industries and Commerce has made bizarre revelations in the Legislative Assembly about the recruitment of more than a hundred persons in the prestigious public undertakings namely SIDCO and SICOP. The Minister said that more than a 100 persons were  recruited in the two PSUs mentioned above without making them go through the proper course of submission of application, scrutiny, short listing, interview/written examination and proper verification of their documents etc. The inference, obviously, is that no transparency has been observed deliberately and rules and regulations have been thrown to wind.
The question of making back door recruitments is widely debated and condemned in political, legislative and other circles and has been castigated as the vestige of a backward dictatorial regime which was discarded long back.  The two undertakings are autonomous in spirit and the government is fully aware of it. But autonomous region does not mean that they will disregard the established norms of recruitment in different cadres. The service rules apply to them as to other government employees in regard to recruitment which means a proper selection technically called going through the mill.
The members in the Legislative Assembly who criticized the methodology of backdoor entry of fresh recruits are very right and they have raised pertinent issue which the Minister must answer properly and rectify if irregularities have been made. We think that for future guidance, the government shall have the need of issuing a reminder that elaborates the rules and regulations that need to be observed whenever fresh recruitments are to be made in the PSUs. On the face of it, there is large scale resentment among the people especially the youth on making backdoor entry by various ministers and politicians as a matter of nepotism.