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1. From Sharda Gupta to all:” To stay ahead in innovation, look at horizontal industries and the ones leading your current industry, someone is always doing something new”.
2. To all from Usha Raina: “The best way to drive change is to embrace it, not fear it”.
3. To all from Sanjay Dhar: “If you don’t have any shadows you’re not in the light”.
4. To all from Kewal Krishan Gupta: “There’s always an element of chance and you must be willing to live with that element. If you insist on certainty, you will paralyze yourself”.
5. To all from Geeta Rani: “Hardships are the stepping stones of success. Don’t Give Up”.
6. From Vikas Kumar to all: “Just like Gold gets its shine after withstanding high temperatures, People get Success by enduring struggles”.
7. From Raj Kumar Puri to all: “Give your everything in the smallest of acts and the Success will belong to you”.
8. From Kiran Kanchan to all: “Most successful people in the world are not the ones who were the most Genius but who were most consistent with their hard work”.
9. From V P Puri to all: ” If you can do ordinary things extraordinarily well, You will achieve Success sooner or later”.
10. To all from Anju Gupta: “Innovation can be incremental like evolution, or radical like the birth of a volcanic island. Change is a constant in both”.