A rich contribution to Dogri literature

Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Cost : Rs 400

Cost : Rs 200
Publisher: Jai Mata Prakashan
Chhanni Himmat, Jammu
About Books:
Inderjeet Kesar is an eminent Dogri writer who believes in contributing to Dogri literature with at least one publication every year. This process started with his first collection of Dogri Poetry entitled “Phull Khide Reh” way back in 1998 and thereafter he has been contributing regularly with much acclaimed literary works in mother tongue. He is a versatile writer having proved his worth as a poet, short story writer, essayist and novelist. His much acclaimed novel ‘Bhagirath’ has been awarded with prestigious Sahitya Academy award for 2017. Till date he has more than 25 books to his credit and majority of which are poetry collections and novels.
If we say that the devotees of art show their passion with their dedication towards their respective fields, then undoubtedly it will not be unfair to call Inderjeet Kesar a true devotee, always engaged to prosper rich Dogri literature with his nonstop contributions. In fact Dogri language needs such committed writers who have the potential to use their pen on various aspects of life.
In 2021 he has came up with two more books ‘Sochen Di Maneyari’, a collection of poetry and “Dogri Baal Kavita-Geet”, his first ever collection of poems for children.
About Books:
Inderjeet Kesar is known for raising social issues through his creative writings whether its through poetry, essays, short stories or novels. He believes in raising the issues of downtrodden and suffering masses and just hits at the forced circumstances that make their life a hell. He has the art of communicating with his readers in an impressive way that leaves an everlasting impact on the readers after going through his creative works.
Sochen Di Maneyari also fulfills the same parameters. The contents of the poetry in the said book reflect the innermost feelings of the writer who longs for an ideal society but repents upon the present gloomy scenario that has threatened peaceful life all over the globe. The focal point of his poetic expressions are social evils, selfish relations, political games, polluted atmosphere and some sections of society are hell bent upon bringing bad name to our great nation ‘ Bharat ‘ that disturbs him from within. Such daily experiences from his surroundings and being served from every nook and corner of the world thanks to Globalization proclaiming the entire world as a Global Village has paved way to pen down his feelings through poetry. The book carries 78 poems and 02 songs which cover different aspects of life.
Kesar is known for expressing his innermost quite convincingly in a simple language. All the poems of the book are inspiring and fulfill the mission for which these have been written. The preface to the book is written by former Head of Dogri Department Jammu University and prominent Dogri writer Prof. Shashi Pathania. The book carries 166 pages and is priced at Rs 400, quite an affordable rate for a good book. The title of the book is symbolic and attractive. Those who wish to read good poems reflecting around the social issues should read it and get inspired to contribute a bit from their own side for the welfare of society.
It is a fact that Children literature plays a significant role in building up a society and nation. It has been prominent in every corner of the world and think tank of respective regional languages make it a point that quality children literature should be written so that children should be infused a spirit to develop the habit of reading right from an early age. I may recall my childhood days when I used to read standard children literature in the form of Chandamama, Gudiya, Nandan , Lot Pot, Twinkle, a number of comics series like Amar Chitra Katha and imported stuff Inderjal Comics.
During those days, there were so many books available for children that reading habit made our generation to develop a passion for book reading which is the best habit and hobby too. Books are the best friends. These guide you at every step to make your own vision of the society for a better output with your meaningful input. But to create such awareness, quality children literature should be written in all regional languages. It is a good sign that established writer of Dogri, Inderjeet Kesar having written on varied subjects in different forms for the last 24 years has turned his pen towards children literature also.
The book Dogri Baal Kavita Geet has 25 beautiful songs and poems. The poems and songs are very catchy and the children should enjoy reading it. These have been written with a thought that these should appeal to tender age. The writer has used very simple words to communicate with the children in a pleasing manner. Such creative writing has also the potential to inspire the children to read own literature in very own mother tongue.
The preface to this book has been written by former Head of Dogri Department Jammu University and eminent linguistic Prof Veena Gupta in which she has given her detailed viewpoint of the book. The title page is very attractive and the beautiful poems and songs in the inner pages have the support of suitable sketches. This book has 72 pages and is priced at quite an affordable rate Rs 200.
Inderjeet Kesar has dedicated both these books to the everlasting memories of his father Late Shri Amarnath Ji Kesar. These books have been published by Jai Mata Prakashan, Chhani Himmat Jammu.
Inderjeet Kesar deserves all appreciation for continuous contributions to Dogri literature in different forms. Both books are a welcome addition to Dogri literature. The Dogri lovers and promoters expect more and more from this versatile writer to enjoy reading meaningful literature.