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1. To all from Keshav Singh: ” Someone may be better than God, you just have to get better than what you were yesterday”.
2. From Sudeshawar Singh to all: ” Victory has hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan”.
3. To all from Swetha Pathania: ” If you are asking your kids to exercise, then you better do it too before you preach”.
4. From Rajeshwar Singh to all: ” There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice but these must be a time when we fail to protest”.
5. To all from Shyam Lal Verma: ” God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mother”.
6. From Satvinder Sharma to all: ” Obstacles will always come in life ignore them just go ahead”.
7. To all from Abhi Khullar : ” Time wounds all heels”.
8. From Silvy to all: ” Time make more converts than reason”.
9. To all from Rahul Dogra: ” If you want to see how selfish people are, and how skin deep fashionable politeness is, take a voyage “.
10. From Ajay Khujaria to all: ” Travel is glamorous only in retrospect”.
11. To all from Abhi Jandyal: ” Time heals what reason cannot”.
12. From Ruchika Gupta to all: ” Never trust the man who hath reason to suspect that you know he hath injured you”.
13. To all from Prithivi Chauhan: ” It is hard not to write satire”.