inner voice

Fond reverie

Sitting in a dim room
With the World at its doom.
Dreaming to get somewhere
Where hearts are pure
And deceits are rare.
Walking through the wilderness
Hoping to find peace & rest.
Trying to end the endless pain
Influencing towards the sweet and sane sleep.
And then they went into a comforting
Into the world that’s pure & deep.
Gurmita Tandon


My wishes and my dreams
I wish Him to make them true.
I pray to Him to hear my voice,
Even hardwork is now
my final choice.
Competition is there and
I will compete,
If there will be harsh sun
or if there will be sleet.
I need to go on, go on and go on,
My commitment is true and actual,
And what it seems is now habitual.
Rajat Kumar
Bigota, Doda

To My God

O my God,always be by my side
In every action,Thou be my guide
That I never go astray
Remember you every day
In every action,show me the way
Both in work and in play
In joy and sorrow
Today and tomorrow
I may always be such a man
That everybody becomes my fan
To my parents,I must always bow
Because of me they should never feel low
Give them regards and heed their advice
Always give preference to their choice
Give me wisdom to make them proud
That they utter my name clear and loud
And proudly say that they have a son
Who brought them respect worth a ton
And raised their glory to the skies
From humble background did he rise
To my wife, I may be the protector,
Be her friend, companion and joy factor
She be my partner till last time
May our relation be sincere and sublime
To my friends, I must be sincere
Always helping them and always near
Sharing their joys and sorrow
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
To my siblings, always
affectionate and kind
Trust me and count on me
O God,these are my pleas and I pray
Bestow on me your grace every day!
Such a power to me thou give,
That I recite your name till I live
And the world remembers me
for a long time
For being a person
noble and sublime
But I know its all Your grace
How otherwise could
I show the world my face
Ashok Sharma