CBSE Exam Preparation Tips

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Sandesh Kumar Bhat
Exams, be it at the entrance level, university level or even at the school level, can be big causes of stress. The CBSE board exams, considered to be     the most important exam for students about to  complete school, has been known to be the biggest reason for stress, anxiety and depression among students. This need not be the case if your          preparation for the boards has been consistent      over the last one year leading up to the exam day.
The key to performing well in the exams, apart from, studying hard, grasping everything and retaining everything, is, being able to study smart and in a proper manner, so that your efforts translate into performance. The CBSE has declared the board exam datasheet for 2018.It is high time that we review our preparation strategy for the exams that are scheduled to start on 5TH March, 2018.
I have tried to put forth some preparation tips that you, as an exam taker should follow with just one month and few days to go for the CBSE boards.
Follow a Proper Schedule/Time -Table
Sleep early, get up early in the morning ,have a proper breakfast and then study. Do  not stay  up late or waste time doing something that is counter productive like worrying about what  might  happen. Takeout an hour or two to relax and not think about exams. Read, sleep, play or whatever you think diverts your attention away from exams.
Don’t have too much on your plate
Munch on healthy food while you study and say no to junk foods. Exercise your brain in a constructive way and do not clutter it with lot of thoughts. Be  clear  in your  mind and   do not pressure  yourself to  cover  things  that  are beyond  your  reach. Make realistic targets for a day .Even Rome was not built in a day.  Of the  5 or 6  subjects  pick up  2 or a maximum of 3 subjects  and pick up a topic or two  from each  go into  depth of it instead of skimming 8 to 10 topics.
Mix and Match
Plan   your day well. Like a good meal, it is important to have all the essential ingredients while studying as well. Do  not  have  all  easy  topics/subjects  a  day   or  do  not  over  burden  yourself  with  topics  that you  find  difficult..To  maximize   your  output  start  your ” study  day ” with  a light  subject  for  an hour  or  so , once  you get   warmed  up  take  up a heavy subject or a topic.
Solve Sample Papers
It is often said that there is no better practice than match practice. Solve  one  CBSE  sample  paper available  on  each day, preferably from 10 A.M  to 1 P.M. in  an environment  as close  to the  one  you expect  at  your  examination centre. After you have solved the paper, mark yourself as per CBSE marking scheme. Pick a different subject for each of five. Six days. Assess yourself at the end   of the week and try to rectify themin the weeks to follow. Ensure  CBSE  issued  sample  papers  only  as  these papers  are closest  possible  papers to the real thing  available  to you.
Strictly  avoid  any  kind  of  distraction  like  mobile, computer  etc till  your exams  are over.
For class 10th Maths
a)  The class 10 Math’s  formulas are otherwise very general , but  sometimes  it  is  seen in previous  question papers that the  questions are  asked  from the middle  of  such numerical which you have to identify  it.
b) The Concepts/Formulas sheet should be kept ready and revised daily.
c) You  should  know   the  usage  of all the  Math’s  formulas
d) If  you  really  want  to excels in Math’s ,then it  is really important to  completely be in sync  with your  NCERT  book, Almost  the  whole question paper  comprises  of Concepts  and Formulas that are  given in NCERT  book. Besides, solve most of NCERT EXAMPLER’followed by CBSE sample papers.
e) For Low achievers;  Do not worry  if you  cannot solve  the whole  book. Pick up  scoring  and  easy  chapters  like  polynomials, Real  numbers , Linear  Equations, circles, Prescribed(06) Theorems, A.P. Constructions ,Statistics  and probability  and  after that do  what extra  you can . I assure zero Failure in Math. Go ahead with confidence. Never fearexams. Try  to attempt  all questions  and  not to waste time on a single question.start  with section D followed  by C,B and A .Presentation need  a proper  care,
f) As  there  is change  in syllabus  and  design of  question paper from this year ,the Distribution of  Marks   and  design of question paper in Math is  as  under;-
Design of Question Paper; -There will be 30 Questions divided into 4 sections. Section A contains 6 questions of 1 mark each. Section B contains 6questions of 2 marks each. Section C contains 10 questions of 3 marks each and Section D of 8 questions of 4 marks each.
There will be no overall choice. However an internal choice has been provided in four questions of 3 marks each and three questions of 4 marks each.
To Parents
In the end, Iwant  also  request  Parents to please ;-
i) Encourage your wards   and Boost their Morale without exerting   any unduepressure in the last moment. As  close  to examinations, some  students are  stressed  out  as they  are  trying  to  meet the aspirations of  their  parents  and teachers. The fear of Failure andpoor performance givesthem Nightmares.
ii) Facilitate good quality  of sleep  and Balanced  Diet
iii) Advise  the  children  to reinforce  what  they  have  already studied  instead  of  looking  for  new  books  or  new  chapters.
(The author teachers at Kendirya Vidyalaya No 1 Gandhi Nagar, Jammu)