Captain played his inning

Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni played real Captain’s inning. He enthralled his fans and millions of cricket fans all over the world with his cool-headed victorious grand finale at a critical juncture when the Tri-nation serried final cricket match seemed to slip out of hand. Cricket is a game of surprises and great surprise it as to see Dhoni making two sixes and a boundary in just four balls and giving his team one wicket victory over Sri Lanka. India needed 15 runs from the last over in their chase of 202 and the Captain made it.  Let us salute this great batsman and Captain who knows his job so well. The result also meant that the Champions Trophy winners’ recent run of success in the 50-over format continued. Sri Lanka has a staring bowling side and it did do its job well. But undoubtedly Indian batting overshadowed the Sri Lankan bowlers and a match that the Sri Lankans were about to clinch slipped out of their hands. They bowled well but could not unnerve the intrepid captain.
Cricket is a game that has brought us honour and fame in the world of sports. Unfortunately, in recent months there has been some mud slinging in connection with match fixing episodes. This brought disappointment to millions of Indian cricket fans. Each victory of our cricket team instills the nation with pride and distinction and we are hurt when aspersions are cast on the heroes of cricket game.
Our country has not performed well in international sports. We are not happy with the performance of our participants in Commonwealth game so in Olympics games. A country of our population is not able to win a few golds in international meets. This is in no way a happy position. Perhaps we are not paying attention to the necessity of grooming sportsmen from very early age, as is the case with other developed countries.  Union Ministry of Sports has to do much more to popularize the sports among our youth at an early age. There are some small countries in the world, which have won gold and silver in the Olympic or in other international meets but this has not been in store for us. We need to overhaul our sports policy in a way that we achieve a high level of competence in games and sports. Our cricket team and its success in winning matches in a row is sufficient indication that we do not lack talent. What we lack is proper canalizing of the merit. Great emphasis should be given to search for talent and for promoting excellence. If adequate paraphernalia is provided, we are confident our youngsters will achieve great heights in sportsmanship. We greatly appreciate the victory of Dhoni’s team and we wish it more success in days to come.