Can Pakistan stop its tirade against India?

If Pakistan really means normalising its relations with India which it as its usual rhetoric often keeps on repeating but on the other hand does not refrain from spreading canards and misleading different organisations including Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) as it recently indulged in, during its submissions at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). How come Pakistan could bring in the issue of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the statement of the OIC , when even if there were some issues between the two countries , those were to be resolved bi-laterally in the truer spirits of the Shimla Agreement not to speak of many other agreements between the two countries? Recently, a glimmer of hope was seen towards making some headways towards normalisation of mutual relations with regard to mutually agreeing in maintaining full ceasefire along the borders while such unfounded and uncalled for stand taken by it at the UN was in no way conducive towards building damaged relations which Pakistan in its own interests should endeavour to give all chances and rather full support.
How could the Indian diplomat not rebut and reject the misinformation while duly exercising its right to reply to the statements made by Pakistan and the OIC whereby any reference to Jammu and Kashmir deserved outright rejection and dismissal .How could and in which capacity the 57 member group of OIC dare to poke its nose in having no locus standi in the subject matter which was vain-fully raised by Pakistan . OIC should instead appreciate that no one principally had any right in making an un savoury reference let alone interfering in internal matters of a sovereign democratic and independent country . To call a spade a spade , the fruits of democracy had yet to be tasted by the OIC members group in their respective countries. Had it been otherwise, the group could realise and appreciate what an inalienable part of a sovereign country meant as Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of the Republic of India. OIC for reasons not known continues to be misled and taken in by Pakistan on issues of no standing or at best those being there between the two neighbours leaving, as such, no scope for an interference , even in the least, by any country , any group of countries or alliances of whatever nature.
OIC on the other hand should pull up and grill Pakistan on its overt and covert support to terrorism and its proxy war against this country for nearly four decades by sending armed infiltrators into the Indian territory for creating mayhem and disturbances. Its tactical silence over such a sensitive issue was tantamount to approving and lending support to such nefarious activities the aim of which was spilling innocents’ blood. OIC needs to educate itself with gross human rights violations in Pakistan where not only the religious minorities were systematically dissipated and persecuted but many civil society activists were killed in cold blood or their whereabouts not known . Enforced disappearances of political rivals was a routine policy of violating human rights and with such a gory record card, Pakistan should go in for retrospection and refrain from such misinformation and tirades against India especially at International forums.Pakistan was instead diverting the attention of international bodies and countries from its internal strife and human rights gross violations .Pakistan was the only single country in the world where pensions and honorariums were officially paid to dreaded terrorists and was home to largest number of declared terrorists who were proscribed by the UN. Undergoing penalties imposed by FATF continuously and for what reasons should provide room for remorse to Pakistan and to OIC how they were misled by it.