Can dynastic families benefit Haryana? asks Shah

SONIPAT (Haryana): BJP chief Amit Shah claimed on Sunday that people have rejected the “politics” of dynasty and corruption, which he said prevailed during the previous Hooda and Chautala governments in Haryana.

Addressing a rally in Sonipat, Shah said Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s ambition of becoming the prime minister would not be fulfilled.

“Rahul baba, your number won’t come to become the PM,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief said, adding that people had made up their minds to bring back the Modi government.

“I want to ask the leader of the Congress that proofs have been found that you have flats in foreign countries and are a director in foreign companies,” Shah said, without taking any name. “Besides, there are charges against you of holding a foreign citizenship, bank accounts of many leaders abroad have been found.”

Shah underlined that Narendra Modi’s image was “clean” and nobody had been able to point any finger at him after remaining Gujarat chief minister and prime minister for 14 and five years, respectively.

Taking a swipe at Hooda, and former chief minister and INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala, the BJP chief claimed that the people of the state had got fed up with corruption and hooliganism during their terms.

“Be it the Congress or the Chautala… one is on bail, one is in jail. Don’t know what all they do,” Shah said.

“For years, power was concentrated between the Hoodas and the Chautalas. When Hooda came to power, corruption increased. When Chautala was there, hooliganism increased,” he added.

Hooda has been slapped with many cases during the ruling BJP regime and Chautala is serving a jail term in a teachers’ recruitment scam.

Attacking Hooda, who is contesting from Sonipat, Shah asked: “Can dynastic families benefit Haryana?”

Commenting on Gandhi’s rally in Gurgaon a day ago, Shah hit out at the Congress president for asking what Modi had done for Haryana.

“He (Gandhi) is seeking an account from us. We have been in power for five years, but you (Congress) ruled this country for 55 years. People are seeking your account,” Shah said.

“We don’t need to give any account to them, we are answerable to people,” he added.

The BJP leader said the people have rejected the “politics” of caste, dynasty and corruption, “where middlemen and builders used to be given benefit”, besides “damaad” politics, in an apparent reference to Gandhi’s brother-in-law, Robert Vadra.

Under Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Shah claimed that there is no hooliganism and corruption, saying that the state had made “all-round” progress.

All the 10 constituencies of Haryana goes to polls in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha election on May 12. (AGENCIES)