Burning schools

It looks as if stone pelters in Kashmir valley are tired of throwing stones on innocent policemen now that they have started burning schools. So far they have burnt 45 schools and thus committed a grave sin against humanity and generation. Right to education and learning is a fundamental right of a child in any type of political arrangement. Snatching this right by means of denying access to school is a grave crime for which the arsonists must be punished.
They are doing it at the behest of Pakistan which must be fairly known to Kashmiri people. Pakistan has not burnt its schools and is imparting modern scientific western education to students, why this diktat for Kashmiris? Pakistan has the only aim in mind and that is to grab Kashmir for which it does not and will not desist from making Kashmir turn into ruins and burnt houses and institutions. By this act it wants Kashmiri students to remain ignorant, illiterate and without any useful education excepting the venomous Jihadi terrorist knowledge so that they join terror ranks.
This must be taken up as a wake up call and the people should catch hold of these goons and Pakistani agents and hand them over to police.
Yours etc….
Veer Singh
Sacking of employees
Some time back Dr Farooq Abdullah stated that sacking of Govt employees is un-constitutional.
I would request him to add another line to his statement stating that the destruction of Govt property, stoning of vehicles and participation in anti-national activities, is quite constitutional.”
Yours etc….
R K Dhar
Roop Nagar