Bureaucratic Inertia

I would like to bring in to the fore the one glaring example of bureaucratic inertia which has been the hallmark of the bureaucracy in J&K . The news of exceeding the time lines of some major projects , surrender of grants, failure to furnish UCs of various schemes etc. etc.. continue to pour in day in and day out , I mean why is it happening . Its not the ministers only who are to be blamed it’s the bureaucracy as well who are on the other side of the weighing scale in each government transaction. Its probably the euphoric madness of having all the might at their beck and call that makes these civil servants to remain aloof to the ground situation. For instance, in case of aadhaar cards the centers are opened at 10am upto 4 pm and people from far flung areas arrive after traversing a distance of tens of kms on foot. After reaching the venue they are told that only one system is working so huddle in the already queued up line with scant
respect for elderly people and women;  I have been personally witness to such brazen stuff when about 20 elderly people who were waiting since morning for their turn were asked to come next day and the same thing was repeated the next day . Similiar things happen daily in many government offices unchecked and unabated which worries us as citizens of a country which boasts of a change.Has anybody from the administration ever tried to feel the painstacking ordeal one has to go through to avail the benefits of govt schemes. Why our bureaucrats don’t budge till they are made to realize by their ministers. Dont they think they too owe their more than a bit for the present impasse for creating a morass like situation for the common people.
Please get out of the deep slumber, realize that the time has changed now , if people can make their public representatives to behave as their true representatives the day is drawing nearer when no one will tolerate the bureaucrats subtle art of bureaucracy for their personal comforts. They too will be held answerable.
Yours etc….
Sudhir Sharma
Janipur colony