Budget – 2019

Nirmala Sitharaman our Finance Minister has recently produced the budget in the Parliament House earmarked for the year 2019. Mixed reaction is being witnessed on the budget from the persons belonging to different walks of life.
Super rich have been taxed is a step in the right direction. Farmers are being encouraged while raising the prices of some items of their produce will help in ameliorating their lot. Tax on Tobbaco, wine and on luxorious items viz-a – viz air conditioners, gold and steel etc stands right. Small retail shopkeepers have been exempted from the tax. Rebate has been given on housing loan to the people who are houseless in the current budget 2019.
The detergents tooth paste and eatables remained tax free. On the contrary petrol and diesel prices stand raised in the budget. This will increase inflation in the market and cycle of price rise will have no stop. There is no any relief to the middle class in the budget of 2019 and the income slab has not been raised from 5 lakh when employees and pensioners who expect that income slab would rise to 6 lakhs or more. The fixed income group are the tax payers and backbone for the Govt and as such need some relief in the hard times to pull on. It is praiseworthy that GST stands reduced in the budget that will boost small and big enterpreneurs in the country. On the whole budget seems balanced one.
S N Raina