Bridges miss deadlines

And repeatedly so, although construction on them was started seven to eight years ago. As usual , executing agencies put the blame on the concerned authorities for not providing funds . The three bridges which appear to be destined perhaps not to get completed at least in the near future are situated at Qamarwari, Pandrethan and Shalateng in Srinagar city itself. The bridge at Shalateng has the ‘distinction’ of remaining incomplete even after a decade of start of work on it.
Needless to enumerate the difficulties that are faced by the people of these areas and the traffic mess getting accentuated due to the incomplete status of these bridges , it , however, continues to remain shrouded in mystery as to why at all such projects are announced by the political leadership only never to be completed or completed after years together because there were no budgeted fund allocation for such works. Let these projects be declared as ‘languishing’ ones in order to get preferred treatment so that the suspended work on them gets kick started. We hope the authorities better understood the utility of these bridges as they connected many congested areas of the city and early commissioning of these bridges would ease traffic pressure on alternate roads.