Border residents seek Govt’s intervention over water-logging in bunkers

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 24: The border belt residents in Jammu urged the administration to take immediate steps in renovation of bunkers which have not been designed properly as water gets accumulated in them during rainfall due to which they can’t be used by the local residents for refuge during cross border firing or shelling.
The residents of border belt in RS Pura and Arnia Sectors said that many bunkers are filled with rain water and unfit for being used by the people in the event of border skirmishes.
They alleged that the bunkers have not been designed properly so that the rain water does not enter and they can be used for entire year by the people whenever need be.
The residents said what has been fun of constructing these bunkers when they can’t be used in the hour of need and the huge amount spent on them is a total wastage.
They demanded that immediate steps be taken by the administration in renovating the bunkers and taking remedial measures so that the water does not enter in them and people can take refuge in them during cross border firing or shelling.
One of the border residents said that when the work of the bunkers was done, people had a sigh of relief that now the border people would not be a victim of Pakistan firing or shelling. He said the people at that time can take refuge in the bunkers but without technical efficiency, maximum bunkers in the area are waterlogged. He said that there is knee deep water in these bunkers due to which there is a lot of anger among the border residents.
People of border areas have sought the intervention of administration to look into the matter.