BJP stalwart

Rarely do we find people from all walks of life , politicians cutting across party lines, friends, acquaintances, once having remained colleagues, unfamiliar and familiar – all mourning deeply over passing away of Arun Jaitley, the heart throb of millions who was not only a priceless pearl of the BJP parivar but the one who belonged to all Indians. His mortal remains were consigned to flames with full state honours on August 25 at Nighambodh Garh, New Delhi. Thus the encyclopaedia of politics, of jurisprudence, possessing prowess of adjudication, blessed with tact of resolving conflicts and misunderstandings, with ablest leadership qualities, etc got eternally mixed with panchtatva or five elements of life – earth, water, air, fire and sky.
Jaitley’s quick successful rise in professional career earning unparalleled fame, his entering politics as a humble ‘karyakarta’ and quickly reaching the zenith as senior cabinet Minister to look after Defence, Finance etc to decide and opine on critical economic issues confronting the country, unknotting complicated political tangles and administrative challenges, debating eloquently in the Parliament not for scoring political points or showing down euphorically the opponent but articulating his view point fearlessly based on pure facts, were Arun Jaitley specialities. These all left an impeccable imprint on the overall scenario of politicking setting tone for higher standards of indulgence and emphasis on how much one needed to know one’s subject and how one was in fact expected to perform and deliver on the ground. His personality in itself got transformed into a mini institution where to do one’s home work before trying to dwell upon the issue,attained importance.
His vast contribution towards the historical but much needed economic reform of demonetization and fulfilling the dream of having one tax regime throughout the country, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) made him register his names among the experts on the subject. We remember how gracefully, with support of facts , figures and the relevant data he silenced the virulent attacks from the opposition parties in the Parliament without offending anyone. “Yes, there are long queues, people are waiting for their turn to get their own money , they are suffering but not a single policeman was required to manage the queues and control them as everything unexpectedly was spontaneously well managed by the people themselves only because they want a change, change for the better”, was one of the brief replies of Arun Jaitley on criticism on demonetisation. He possessed scholarly pursuits, his debates and rhetoric were well weighed, selected word by word, largely dwelling upon intricacies and technicalities, matched with available data as also sometimes with a political punch of “how you undermined democratic values and institutional autonomy and put the dissent behind the bars …”where-after there remained no scope for anyone to counter him. He was Modi’s diamond which shone to spread light and a dedicated working culture.
Till his ailment made him completely undone , he kept on thinking about the country and the people – blogging, writing and showing keen interest in what was going around in the country and in the Government. He was known as BJP’s chief trouble shooter and a top strategist. Passing away at just 66 when the country needed his matured and considered contribution more than before is quite unfortunate. His serious ailment snatched him from us and India has lost one of her ablest, most capable, honest and dedicated sons. Always smiling and friendly towards one and all, available to everyone without any difficulty, Jaitley with his exuberant shining and graceful face, with smiling and optimistic looks, wrinkles less and tension less, never ever getting angry shall always remain in the minds of the Indians fresh and memorable like the daffodils of Wordsworth.
The nation can never forget his clarifying of doubts about the GST and how he kept on accommodating the views of the members on the GST Council and once convinced kept on effecting series of changes by lowering the rates even if the same went repugnant to the principles of earning more revenues.