BJP ruled States more accountable to Centre: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh addressing a meeting during the BJP election campaign at Jaipur on Friday.
Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh addressing a meeting during the BJP election campaign at Jaipur on Friday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAIPUR, Nov 17 : BJP ruled States are more accountable to the Center as compared to the other States, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said today.
Addressing meetings during the election campaign in different Assembly segments of Jaipur city, Dr Jitendra Singh said, whether it be budget allocation or the implementation of flagship programmes of the Modi Government, in the BJP ruled States, there is better coordination in reaching out the benefits of welfare schemes to the common man in the BJP ruled States, he said.
Stressing on the need for time-bound completion of development programmes and welfare schemes, Dr Jitendra Singh said, when Modi took over in May, 2014, almost half of the country’s population was deprived of facilities like toilets, housing, vaccination, electricity connection and bank accounts. He said, with PM Modi’s mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas’, the Centre has been able to bring many schemes closer to 100% saturation during the last 8 years.
“Whether it be in the unprecedented number of houses built under PM Awas Yojana, water connections provided to households under Jal Jeevan Mission, bank accounts created under Jan Dhan Yojana, Direct Benefit Transfer to farmers under PM KISAN or free gas connections provided under Ujjwala scheme, almost all flagship schemes are near saturation point in BJP ruled States,” he said, adding, “On the other hand, non-BJP ruled States are floundering, welfare schemes meant for the poor are mired in lethargy, corruption and nepotism in such States, thereby denying millions of people the rightful benefits due to them.”
Dr Jitendra Singh said, funds meant for welfare schemes for uplift of the poor, peasants and downtrodden are squandered by vested political interests in non-BJP ruled states. This is where the concept of Double Engine governments arises, he said.
“Just look at the tardy progress of Ayushman Bharat or Ujjwala scheme in Rajasthan and compare it with Uttar Pradesh or Gujarat, where we are close to saturation point. The poor people in States under Double Engine Governments are reaping the benefits, while States like West Bengal are depriving the common man of benefits of schemes like MGNREGA as they failed to report correct data to avail of uninterrupted flow of funds. States ruled by Congress and other parties are riddled with corruption, – in Delhi you have the Liquor scam, West Bengal has recruitment and ration scam, in Kerala you have the Gold scam and cooperative bank scam, Rajasthan CM himself is embroiled in Jal Jeevan Mission scam and IT Department worth thousands of crore rupees, and in Chhattisgarh, the Congress did not spare even the Gods, desecrating the holy deity with the Mahadev scam by indulging in online betting,” said Dr Jitendra Singh.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, States with Double Engine Governments are also the States where Law & Order has vastly improved. In Rajasthan, for instance, more than 35,000 cases of Crimes against Women were registered in a year, he said.
“Uttar Pradesh is a shining example of how lawlessness has been checked and for the first time criminals have fear of being under the watch of police,” he said.
“Not a single charge of corruption has been levelled against the Modi Government till date and PM Modi has succeeded in giving a transparent and delivery-oriented administration,” he said.
Dr Jitendra Singh said the Modi Government has provided 12 crore cooking gas connections under the Ujjwala scheme, over 10 crore toilets have been constructed under the Swachh Bharat scheme and, for the first time, over 50 crore people are drawing health insurance benefits under Ayushman Bharat scheme.
“The BJP Government has implemented the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ scheme, assuring each and every citizen that no matter where you go in the country, you will continue to get free ration. For the next five years, the stoves of 80 crore people in my country will keep burning. This is PM Modi’s guarantee,” he said.
“PM Modi successfully raised the standards of public delivery much above the vote consideration, based on the principle of justice for all and then left to the public to decide whom they wanted to vote for, and the public too endorsed this approach by returning the Modi Government for the second term with a much higher mandate than the earlier election,” he said.
He said Women Empowerment is contingent upon the economic empowerment of women. Programmes such as MUDRA Yojana in which 68% of loans have been extended to more than 27 crore women, enabling crores of women across the country to pursue micro-level entrepreneurship and become financially independent. 3.18 crore Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana accounts have been created. To promote financial inclusion among women, Mahila Samman Savings Certificate was introduced as part of the Union Budget 2023-24, which is a small savings scheme exclusively for female investors.
“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the flags of BJP and NDA are soaring across the country. The Government’s schemes are reaching the people without discrimination throughout the country. Every citizen of India is getting equal opportunities to progress and prosperity. Let us all come together to form a Government that works for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden,” he said.