BJP Govt grappling with mess of its own creation: Harsh Dev

Excelsior Correspondent
BASANTGARH, Sept 3: Former Minister Harsh Dev Singh today alleged that the BJP Govt has literally and figuratively failed to fulfill its commitments made by it during Assembly and Parliamentary elections resulting in massive public outrage.
“While the unemployed were assured of job bonanzas with gainful employment for all educated youth, the general masses were lured by the most glamorous slogans of ‘Achhe Din’. Unfortunately 8 years down the line what we find is all-round dis-enchantment with a hapless BJP Govt grappling with the mess of its own creation,” he said while addressing gatherings in villages Marothi, Kirchi, Thirdu, Jakhed, Basantgarh during his two days tour of Latti and Basantgarh Tehsils of District Udhampur.
Ridiculing the loud proclamations made by the BJP leadership of creating two crore jobs per year for unemployed educated youth, Singh said that the Govt’s post election conduct had only amounted to rubbing salt on wounds of such youth.
“The ‘Agniveer’ scheme announced by the Govt has not only antagonized the young aspirants all over the country, but also unravelled the insensitivity of a highly apathetic Govt in its true colours,” he said and added that recruiting youth for four years and then retiring them at young age of 22 or 23 years was a typical example of “use and throw” policy against the youth besides constituting a human right violation of a grave order.
Harsh Dev Singh further alleged that BSF and CISF aspirants had been treated most shabbily by the Govt resulting in massive resentment against the present regime. “Plight of NYCs, REKs, REJs, REZs, DRWs, Contractuals etc is equally pathetic with Damocles’ sword of dis-engagement hanging over their heads. And despite repeated promises of regularization made with them, they are being treated as disposables facing constant threat of termination,” he said and added that likewise the promises made by the BJP leadership with various other aspirational groups had proved mere hyperboles creating huge unrest amongst the public at large.