Bird flu in Jammu & Kashmir

Due caution needs to be taken as four districts of Jammu and Kashmir have officially been declared as having presence of the bird flu among crows and they are Kulgam, Anantnag, Budgam and Pulwama in Kashmir region of the Union Territory. In fact, in common parlance, this viral infectious disease is also called as avian influenza and is most common in and restricted to birds. What is needed, however, is to cautiously handle and avoid contact with infected poultry. The Central Government having confirmed that more districts were found confirmed with birds flu in poultry birds like in Uttrakhand and Gujarat besides in other nine states and now in four districts of Kashmir region in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir imbibes upon the people to exercise utmost caution. If consuming poultry items in the affected districts cannot be avoided, it would be absolutely important to properly and fully boil and cook the poultry items so as to rule out any risk factors. Bird flu arrived in India through migratory birds who usually visit Indian wetlands during winter months. Since it is found in many states and now in four districts of Kashmir region as well, caution and care are needed to be taken. The risk factors are touching infected surfaces and if one is a poultry farmer, a traveller visiting affected areas, or one exposed to infected birds since the question of how it spreads to human beings is important, it is generally believed that if a human being came in contact with an infected bird , it could invite the risk. The symptoms of having contracted the flu are complaining of cough, diarrhoea, fever, breathing problems, running nose and the like. It is advisable, therefore, to seek medical help but the Doctor supposed to be attending g on the infected human being has also to protect him or her self. There was, however, no need to feel scared or panicky as human transmission cases are not reported from anywhere at least in Jammu and Kashmir. Since we cannot dispense with any pointed and professionally medical information or advice on this bird flu or the avian influenza excepting the general precautions as in the foregoing lines, it would be advisable for the Government, especially the medical authorities to initiate awareness measures and how instant medical assistance could be sought in case the symptoms associated with the flu, if contracted by or transmitted to human beings was reported from any area. It is imperative for the administration to keep the public informed and aware about this new problem though affecting birds but with vulnerability to human beings not ruled out at all.