Bird-Bath in Homes

Imagine yourself wandering in some place for a long time, sweat dripping off your entire body as if you were drenched in rain. The sun shining so bright that even the darkest of the clouds gobbling it cannot stop its light from penetrating. You cant walk any further because you are dehydrated and you have no means of hydrating yourself. But suddenly your eyes catch a bowl of water that came from nowhere. How do you feel? What would you say to the person who kept it there?
Now think about the aves that patrol the sky. Think of them soaring great heights and roaming in the sky looking for water. Alas, there is no water in the sky for birds to quench their thirst. Even the birds who own the vast sky have to come down to quench their thirst. And imagine how it would feel like if that means to quench the thirst of a bird somewhere in your house? A bird that took off from one corner of the city landed on your porch and drank the water from the bird bath that you set-up.
Why do we see animals/birds any different from us? Just because they cant speak? But they do communicate. What does it take to install a small bird bath and fill it everyday with water? It does not have to be a big expensive utensil, just a small shallow bowl would do. You don’t have to be an environmentalist or someone running an NGO for animals or birds. Everyone can contribute atleast this much from one’s side. So at the end of the day, it would be really appreciable if we could install atleast one bird bath in our home.
Satyarth Pandita
on e-mail