Bigotry and hate destroy Buddhist heritage

That in Pakistan occupied Indian areas of Gilgit Baltistan, ancient symbols of Indian Buddhist heritage should be vandalised, defaced and violated not only depicts the narrow mindedness, bigotry and intolerance of Pakistan but it is the repetition of the same approach towards other faiths and beliefs that has been continuously nursed and encouraged in that country since 1947. Destroying, removing, altering, vandalising and rechristening symbols of others’ faiths and beliefs has been, in fact, the state policy of Pakistan. India has, accordingly, lodged a strong protest to Pakistan over the fresh incident of condemnable and deplorable acts of vandalising and defacing Buddhist heritage terming the same as “egregious activities” and displaying contempt for ancient civilization.
Could Pakistan which already is an epicentre of terrorism and furthering ideology of hate and bigotry stop trampling down the religious and cultural rights of followers of ancient faiths and beliefs and no more sponsor and encourage acts of vandalising and defiling symbols of heritage and of religious and historical importance in Indian areas under its illegal occupation? At the same time, India has once again urged Pakistan to vacate our areas under its illegal occupation and stop such contemptuous acts of defiling symbols of faith and heritage.