Big B to appear as James Bond on magazine cover

MUMBAI, Mar 27:
Amitabh Bachchan will replicate the stylish and suave spy James Bond for a magazine cover, which will see the megastar surrounded by a “bevy of beauties”.
Bachchan, 73, said people of his age hardly get such opportunities. “There is a photo shoot early morning for a magazine where they intend to replicate a certain Mr Bond… Surrounded by a bevy of beauties which I may add seems far too incongruous than any situation… “But what the heck… Let’s face it… It is not too often that a 74-year-old shall get such opportunity… So INDULGE !!!,” he posted on his blog.
The “Piku” star, who is active on social media, was awake till 4am to write the blog for his fans, whom he addresses as “extended family (ef)”. “Much to the disappointment of many Ef who, if I may say, have reached some conclusion that I have gone to sleep without putting out the Blog or the Twitter or the FB .. Here I am .. alive and kicking at approximately 4 in the morning!.” (PTI)