Bhalla urges Govt to take correct decisions while lifting lockdown

Former Minister Raman Bhalla during visit in Gandhi Nagar Constituency.
Former Minister Raman Bhalla during visit in Gandhi Nagar Constituency.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 31: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today called on the public to act in a responsible manner, urging the Government to take correct decisions while lifting the lockdown, to strengthen efforts in battling COVID-19.
“The relaxation process should be well planned and executed in stages to avoid resurgence,” Bhalla said.
This was stated by former Minister while listening to the grievances of aggrieved people facing Covid-19 lockdown  with lot of hardships at Bahu Fort in  Press Morh, Bag Mohlla and Kaccha Talab.
“The people should utilise this freedom mindfully and fulfil their responsibilities,” he said.
He stressed that people who leave their homes when the curfew is lifted should conduct themselves in a responsible manner by ensuring that they don’t return back with the virus.
“Every day, we see the global situation around COVID-19 worsening at an exponential pace. However, thanks to the tireless and incredible efforts of our Covid warriors, we have managed to protect ourselves and our communities till date,” Bhalla said.
Former Minister maintained that the health department officials, concerned about the recklessness of the people, have warned that there will be tough days ahead and the people need to be extremely careful.
Bhalla said that the coming period will be testing for everyone, adding the number of people getting infected with coronavirus during this period will tell us how far our efforts have succeeded in tackling this pandemic.
Former Minister urged Centre and J&K Governments to solve basic problems of livelihood and food faced by weaker sections of society.
Former Minister further said that people paid little heed to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) agreed upon between the Government and traders as the lockdown was eased.
“It has been observed that very little number of the customers or visitors were following the SOPs like keeping social distancing and wearing face masks,” Bhalla said.