Ban begging in J&K

In reference to recent ban on begging in Srinagar and Budgam districts under J&K prevention of Beggary Act 1960 by DC Srinagar. It is submitted that such steps are laudable to a large extent. However, in respect of such steps,it is clear that such beggers exist everywhere as they form a part of   gangs who take care of their boarding and lodging for the obvious reasons. Therefore, it is clear that money factor is involved in this heinous act.Besides, after a span of only three days it has been observed that the number of beggars have suddenly increased exponentially in Jammu city as it has become a  haven for beggars coming from Srinagar.Jammu city being the first stop for Vaishno Devi yatris face these beggers at every step while travelling around the temple city which presents Jammu in bad light across the globe in general and the nation in particular.It is, therefore, requested to the concerned authorities to get into action and place a complete ban on begging throughout the State.
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Amit Rajan
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